'Sail the Day' Activities in Skiathos Town

'Sail the Day' the best thing to do in Skiathos Town! During the excursion, you will enjoy the activities of sailing, snorkeling and taste a delicious and plentiful meal on the boat!

skiathos Skiathos Sailing Excursions

Sail the Day   Skiathos Sailing Excursion 01'Sail the Day' Skiathos sailing excursions offer a sailing experience that appeals not just to those who are already hooked on sailing but also introduces the thrills of sailing to a whole new audience. Each of our day trip is geared to learning the basics or adding to your existing sailing knowledge. However, if you would simply prefer to relax, enjoy the scenery and soak up the Aegean breeze – be our guest! You are in safe hands all the time!

skiathos Skiathos Snorkeling Excursions

Sail the Day   Skiathos Snorkeling 34'Sail the Day' in Skiathos is more than a sailing excursion... it’s a real life undersea adventure! During the trip there are frequent stops to the best spots for snorkeling and swimming. Snorkeling is something everyone can do with no special training. Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) is available on-board but you can always bring your own.

skiathos Meal & Drinks on-board

skiathos snorkeling activities 01Fresh quality food is an essential part of the ‘Sail the Day’ experience. During the lunch stop, you will enjoy a delicious and plentiful meal, freshly prepared on board by captain Stefanos that consists a variety of Greek traditional delicacies and fresh seafood, some of which, wherever possible, we fish for you on the spot. Our food is also suitable for vegetarians. Free drinks and refreshments are available throughout the sailing trip.

skiathos Sailing with Captain Stefanos

Sail the Day   Skiathos Activities 06The person responsible for ‘Sail the Day’ sailing cruises is captain Stefanos. He has many years of sailing experience both in racing and cruising and is happy to share his knowledge and experience with you. He has cruised all over the Sporades area and has chosen some of the finest destinations accessible only by boat. He knows the islands inside out and can show you the best spots for exploration and relaxation.

skiathos Sailing Yacht 'Aeriko'

Sail the Day   Skiathos Activities 04We are moored at the corner of the new port of Skiathos near the bus terminal. The name of our boat is 'Aeriko'. At first sight you know there is something different about this boat. It is a 12-metre, single-handed sailing yacht that has been maintained to the highest standards and follows all the regulations for a safe journey. Rest assured that our elegant and classic sailing yacht 'Aeriko' is well-suited for the job and will take you safely and comfortably at sea.

Gallery Activities

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